Facebook’s Founder…Man Of The Year

Time Magazine has named Steve Zukerberg, Facebook’s founder their “Man of the Year.”

(sigh) I lost out again.

Is there ever any Time Magazine woman of the year?  Must be, I may have missed it spending so much time on Facebook.

The shocking thing about all of this is that Facebook has become so popular worldwide, with the exception of “Tristan de Cunha” a small island consisting of 275 residents somewhere sandwiched between South Africa and Buenos Aires that still uses tin cans with strings attached at either end to communicate with each other.

“Alooooowwww…..Carlos….can ya hear me?”

“Pull de string tighter Juan…..pull de string tighter.”

Anyhow, even more shocking than the fact that Facebook is worldwide, is that Queen Elizabeth herself has a Facebook page. Geez….who’s next…..GOD?

This of course got me to thinking about just what a queen would post on her Facebook page.

Queen Elizabeth’s Facebook postings:


“Hi fellow peons….oops, I mean subjects. Today the court jester, Herman, told the most funniest of puns. I must share it with you.  What do you get when you cross an apple with a pea?  An Apple Pod!  Isn’t that a total scream.”


“This afternoon I gave an audience to an American entertainer and obviously one of my former countrymen, the “Duke of Earl.”  He performed in the castle auditorium conjuring up a song entitled, “I’m The Duke of Earl” but most of us didn’t quite understand the significance of the ditty.”


“Prince Harry will be getting married soon and the castle is all abuzz about the problem we have in the castle with mice. I have suggested that we hire that American mouse, Mickey, from our sister kingdom to reign in on the miscreants.”


“Gawd, I wish beheadings were still allowable. I’m sure many of you Facebookers know how simply irritating it is to have one’s royal coach cut off by some inconsiderate subject driving a mule.”


“Today the royal moat cleaners are hard at work dredging the moat for unsightly objects that may have been submerged in the murky water since the inquisition, lest we have a head or two float to the surface during the royal wedding.”


“Prince Phillip and I sat down to a quiet evening in front of the telly and watched Mel Gibson in the movie “Braveheart.” Oh, I so much love these comedys.”


“Oh my, a full week on Facebook and there’s still so much I wish to share with all of you. Where does the time go? It’s not easy being a Queen.  I should have listened to Freddie Mercury years ago when he expressed in song the trials and tribulations of being a Queen in that touching song, “Bohemian Rhapsody” and called out to his mum.”

See……being a queen and having your own Facebook account is no different that any of us having a Facebook account and doing our normal everyday postings.

Thanks Steve Zukerberg for creating Facebook and allowing all of us to let everyone in the world know what we’re doing at any given moment in our otherwise dull freakin’ lives.

Now….I’m going to sit back and await until the moment GOD discovers Facebook and makes his first post.

Which might say……………….

“Facebookers, THIS IS GOD!  Today is December 21, 2012. The Mayans and I have a biggggggggg surprise for all of you.”


Copyright 2010 MisfitWisdom RLV

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