Palin: I’m Ready To Sacrifice Myself If Needed

Recently uncovered Mayan photograph which shows a campaign worker outside a polling place extolling the virtues of his choice for Mayan president.

Whoa!!! Hold on!  Sarahs ready to sacrifice herself if needed!!!

Geez…this sounds like a scene right outta “Rosemary’s Baby.”  Holy crap!  What the hell is she talkin’ about here Kemosabe?

Surely she must be joking.  Oh yeah, sorry, didn’t mean to call her Shirley.  (pun in memory of Leslie Neilson)

Let’s take a look at what she actually meant in all fairness to members of the Moosedom community.

Sarah said that she is electable if she were to run for the office of Mooseident of the United States and Alaska and would only run if the field were missing a candidate who has “common sense” and a “pro constitution” mission.

Unlike or nothing like a NASA mission or something similar to that. You know, outta space candidates.

She has taken a look at possible candidates that might throw their hats into the ring including Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) and has even endorsed him. 

Hmmm…..does that mean she signed a part of his body with a magic marker?  Maybe not.

Anyhow, she said, “he sticks to his guns,  and you know how I feel about guns.”  Oops….watch out Rick….remember what happened to a friend of Dick Cheney’s on a hunting trip.

“NO……I don’t recall that…..what happened?”

“Shaddup you damn idiot.. ………Kapow!!!!!

By the way, good ol “I’ve dumped two of my wives who were sick” Eye of Newt Gingrich (R) Georgia is also considering a run for the presidency.  I’m sure he’ll definitely get the women’s vote. Real upstanding guy.

Sarah says that she has a strict criteria if she were to run consistently positioning herself as a reluctant candidate. Someone who would only run if called in by unusual circumstances. 

Perhaps a UFO landing in her backyard or a scribbling discovered by the Mayan’s indicating that they were wrong on the world coming to an end in 2012 and what they really meant was that it would come to an end if she did not run for president and save us all.

See……there IS hope.

Positioning herself even further, she said,  “I’m willing to sacrifice in order to serve.”  (as I wrote earlier at the beginning of this blog)  But, goes on to add, “If other candidates don’t have a shot at winning, I would offer myself up.”

Yep…..definitely the “Rosemary’s Baby” thing.

“MIA!!!!   Mia Farrow…….whare are ya….Sarah needs you for some tips on offering up oneself.”

A number of recent polls, including one by “The Public Policy Polling Group” concluded that Palin was “virtually unelectable.”

 Of course all of us logical people know that polls are always wrong and that for every poll conducted by one group or another there’s another group that discounts the original polls taken by the last poll that contradicts the poll taken by the first poll that was contradicted thereby negating the poll that stated in that poll that the poll said that Sarah was unelectable. Which means the only legitimate poll you can actually trust is the one in front of a barbershop. 

In conclusion…’s still way too far off to even think about who’s going to run…..unless you’re a politician, and, in that case, you need to panic NOW!

For the rest of us who have had it up to our respective butts with TV ads, I suggest that we all totally ignore political wannabes for president, including Sarah, until such time as we once again have it shoved down our throats in 2012.

Maybeeeeee, by then……some archelogist will have discovered even more of those Mayan scribblings that will shed more light on what really might happen in 2012.

Like for instance the reason the Mayans disappeared from the face of the earth in the first place……………

They couldn’t take anymore political ads on Mayan TV and opted to beat feet to another planet.

Makes complete sense to me.

Copyright 2010 MisfitWisdom RLV

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