Sarah Palin’s New Book….Oh Joy!

Hey Big Boy....Wanna Vote For Me For President? (smacking lips on future campaign poster)

Yep…I’m guilty of keeping the moose lady in the news by constantly finding something about her to write about. I apologize for that folks, but it’s a sickness, and there’s no cure for me. Some of this stuff is too good for a blogger to pass up.

For instance. She has released her new book, “America By Heart; Reflection on Family, Faith and Flag.”  Obviously all good things to reflect upon.

Sooooo, I decided to reflect upon some of them from her new book courtesy of “The Atlantic Wire” and author Max Fisher. (you didn’t think I was actually gonna buy the book did ya)

She might go for the 2012 nomination for Mooseident of the Yewnited States based on her assumption that she questions President Obama’s “love of our country.”

Not having spoken directly to the president myself, I can only assume that he does love our country, otherwise why would he have run for the presidency, move into the White House, and root for a losing team like the Chicago Cubs? I think if he didn’t love our country, he’d most definitely be a New York Yankees Fan. 

(written from the perspective of a Red Sox fan of course)

In the book there is a piece in which talk show host Glenn Beck says to her: “Now, you refer to yourself as a feminist. I believe you are a strong woman and you’re like, get out of my way but not to the denigration of men. You just, you’re kinda like a….you’re kind of like Texas, where Texas is proud of their state and they think it’s better than everything else but not to….they just don’t hate other states.”


Does she mean she’s a feminist, thinks she’s better than other women, but doesn’t hate them?  I’m confused Mr. Beck.

She wants to repeal the 16th amendment which allows the present day income tax system and was passed in 1913 and which also accounts for 45 percent of the government’s revenue. She calls it, “unjustified federal power grabs.”

Geez…..I’ve called it that myself many times but if there’s no federal taxes how the hell do we pay for everything?  Oh wait….I get it….borrow from Social Security funds like they did all those years ago.  Never have to pay it back and it’s all free money. YES!!!!  How’s that workin’ out for ya Congress?

Palin says that she doesn’t understand black history. Most notably citing Michelle Obama’s remarks from the 2008 campaign when she said, “for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.”

Does the word “SLAVE” or “INTEGRATION” or the fact that some of Michelle’s ancestors were slaves help you understand black history Sarah?  WAIT!!!  Um….I don’t think they had any slaves in Alaska because there was no cotton to pick. No self-respecting slave would ever let himself or herself be slaved, or um…be a slave waaaay up there in c-c-c-c-old Alaska. THAT’s why Palin jumped all over Michelle Obama’s remark.  She had never heard of slaves before.  Ok….we’ll let her slide on that one.

Maybe, just maybe, that’s why Sarah is, and I hate to use the word “dumb”….but maybe that’s why she’s falling back in the polls as far as her chances for running for Mooseident. Barbara Bush says she should stay in Alaska.  Dick Cheney alluded to the fact that he didn’t think she was Moosident material. 

Geez…..what’s a girl to do other than appear on her own reality show, write a few books, go on speaking tours, appear on all kinds of talk shows in order to make a decent buck.

Like maybe run for Mooseident?


I think if she ran for the office and actually became the Mooseident of the Yewnited States she’s eventually discover that the job doesn’t pay as much as what she’s making now, somewhere in the vicinity of 12 million from tours, book royalties and TV. The president only makes $400,000 and when she was Moosenor of Alaska she only made $125,000.

Cripes…..why run for president?  I don’t get it!

WAIT!  WAIT! I do get it.

She can run for Mooseident, put in a few months, then resign claiming that she never gets any privacy, there are way too many reporters hounding her family, and she just can’t go on under those circumstances what with all of her other commitments like, writing books, appearing on TV and talk shows.  Oh yeah….and making 12 million dollars.

Let’s see….if I had a chance to make $400,000 vs 12 million which one would I choose?

Again….I’m sorry I have to use the word “dumb” but I betcha she chooses $400,000.

Wonder if the census bureau ever checked their records to see if Alaskans are good at math. Might be the cold factor.

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