The Yankees, The “Shove It” Flap and Childhood Perceptions…A 3 for 1 Blog Day

In today's news, an epidemic of "shove it" incidents has broken out across the country. That's all the news for today folks, sorry this news report is so short, but if you don't like it...SHOVE IT! Back to you Katie.

First of all let’s take on the dreaded Yankees.  Well, in all fairness, not the Yankees themselves, but Yankee fans. They’ve got to be the worst. Not only do they boo their own players when they’re losing a game, but they spit on and boo opposing players families when they sit in the stands watching the game.  To me, that’s downright ugly. 

Texas Rangers pitcher Cliff Lee’s wife and other family members were subjected to obscenities and taunts during the AL championship games at Yankee stadium and Lee’s wife said some of the fans even spit at them from a higher section.   And this wasn’t even a political rally…..which usually makes obscenities, taunts and spitting okay.

Maybe Homeland Security should look into the behaviour of Yankee fans as being a threat….at least to other teams baseball supporters. At the most, check each Yankee fan for an over abundance of spit prior to each game.

In Rhode Island, Gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio, as I’m sure you’ve heard by now, told President Obama to “shove it” when he didn’t receive an endorsement from the Pres.  I think he may have been pissed off… ya think!

Being a former Rhode Islander myself, and having used the phrase, “shove it” on many occasions, but never towards a sitting president, I think he was being a bit disrespectful towards not only the president but the office itself.

I personally think “shove it” should be strictly reserved for bosses, ex wives, or directed at the jerk who took your parking space. Or, perhaps, during an intimate encounter with someone of the opposite sex.


Speaking of sex… long as I’m heading in that direction, I recently read….yes I said “read” an article in “Playboy Magazine written by Adam Carolla.  It has nothing to do with what I’m writing here other than I recall Adam on a radio talk show with Dr. Drew Pinsky talking about first impressions and the perspective a child has at a young age who has witnessed something traumatic.

Not a serious traumatic event, but something startling enough to make a lasting impression. Adam was talking about the time he happened to come across his dad taking a shower and glanced at his father’s do dad and thought to himself how huge it was. He went on to say that for the rest of his life he thought his dad had the world’s biggest schlong ever.

It obviously was because he had observed his fist glimpse of an adult penis and, being so young, thought it was humongous. 

In my autobiography I wrote that I had, as a very young child, come across a friend of mine’s brother, purely by accident, who was masturbating in his bedroom at the exact moment of ejaculation.  As I paused in total shock, not really understanding what was happening, I thought he had the most massive ejaculation ever. To me, it was like a geyser in Yellowstone Park.  Of course later on in life, when I mastered the technique of master….um……er…..well….you know…..I realized that I must have over inflated my imagination as to what I really saw.

But…..I still wonder about that episode today.

But it’s like that with any childhood experience.  I always thought boobs were pointy until I was old enough to realize it was the bra and not the boob.  (it is the bra isn’t it?)  I thought all girls were made up of sugar and spice until I got married and realized was more arsenic and vinegar.  And of course I could never even imagine the thought of my parents having sex.  Especially anyone over 50 or 60. How disgusting was that thought!

So there, I’ve covered all the things that were on my mind today. Yankees, “shove it” and childhood perspectives.

Put them all together and what do ya have?

The Yankees should “shove it”………..Frank Caprio should “shove it”……..and…….

Older people in their 50’s, 60’s 70’s and possibly 80’s still do “shove it”…..literally.  But in a much more enjoyable way than the Yankees or Frank Caprio.

Copyright 2010 MisfitWisdom RLV

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