Ho Hum….Slow News Day…Except For The Crazies

I respectively refuse to answer any questions regarding the disappearance of a six pack of Budwiser....(hic)

Seems like everybody, the flakes of the world that give us writers things to write about, took today off.  With the exception of a few people…..unfortunately, none of them politicians running for office.

In Shelton, Connecticut police arrested a guy who is accused of assaulting a  horse.  His explanation to the cops was that he thought the horse needed some comforting, so, being a compassionate person, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

That’s where the cops come in.  They caught the guy with his hands, um……..er…….

(for the sake of you squeamish individuals, children and Mr. Ed I am not going to say exactly where this guy had his hands when the police arrived on the scene. Let’s just say that he wasn’t exactly stroking the horsies nose)

He’s being fined, checked out by animal cruelty people and I would assume prohibited from hanging out at any stables or establishments that serve horses.

In Florida, a 55-year-old woman travelling in a motor home with her husband, had to use the bathroom, opened the door, and fell out on to the Interstate highway while her husband tooled along.  He eventually noticed her rolling around in a grassy area in his rear view mirror, pulled over, and called 911. She sustained serious injuries and was admitted to a local hospital.  Police said she had been drinking and may have opened the wrong door.  DUH!

I’m not quite sure about the husband’s quote about spotting her in his rear view mirror and stopping however. It might be that he spotted her “rear” in his rear view mirror rolling in the grass. Ass in the grass sure would get MY attention.

Finally, in Florida, once again…….a bear broke into a house and stole a pork roast. I personally think bears are beginning to become more and more domesticated due to their interaction with humans in parks and zoos.  Which would account for the number of bears stealing various food items such as pork roasts. Before you know it it’ll be six packs of beer, snacks and your TV remote.

Then, they’ll become so humanized and accepted as a part of our everyday society, we’ll all be forced to accept them into our neighborhoods, and before you know it, there go property values. I just can’t bear to think of that happening.

So, there you have it….a totally ho um day.

Because this as such a slow day, I now have time to pursue other activities that I normally would not be able to do writing this blog.

Like visiting my shrink and having him explain to me why I bother to write all of this stuff.

I know the answer he’s going to give me…………..

It’s therapy Richard, and it will make you feel like a normal person when you write about these crazies. 

I think he might be right.

Copyright 2010 MisftWisdom RLV

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