Who Got Booed! Sarah Palin Or Bristol?

So like, um...Bristol...are you ready to date again?

Today’s big mystery is…… who actually got booed on Monday’s edition of “Dancing With The Stars.”

Both Sarah Palin and her daughter were on the show. Sarah didn’t do any dancing, but Bristol did. 

During the show, host Tom Bergeron sat down to chat with Bristol’s mom, (Sarah) on camera.  About that same time the studio audience was heard erupting into a loud chorus of boos.

Immediately the Internet became abuzz with the boo story with gazillions of Tweets on Twitter, space on MySpace, open cans of soda on Sodahead, and of course, many various faces on Facebook.

BUT!  According to ABC….you know……those people that own a network and decide which shows you’re going to watch depending on the number of commercials they can sell…….those people say the booing wasn’t directed at Palin. Instead, the network said, the crowd was upset that Jennifer Grey, the former “Dirty Dancing” star who performed immediately before Bristol, (Sarah’s daughter) got only 8’s from the judges even though the routine she did with partner Derek Hough clearly was the audience favorite.

Who gives a rats ass what the damn audience thinks anyhow.

 See……that obviously answers all of your questions you rumor mongering hordes.  Put away the tar and feathers, there’s no need to hunt down that audience and take any action.

It’s allllll been explained by the powers at ABC.

Nobody was booing any of the Palins. It was all a simple misunderstanding.  The judges were the ones who were being booed for giving Jennifer Grey such a low score.

It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that mommy Palin was there being interviewed on an entertainment show which has absolutely nothing…..I say….nothing to do with politics.

Did I mention the show has nothng to do with politics?

Oh yeah…..sorry.

So…..um……..what was Palin talking about in the interview anyhow?

Well, I for one can’t really say, but as far as I’m concerned, it really doesn’t matter does it.

The bottom line is that Sarah Palin is a conservative polarizing force in politics and really doesn’t have to SAY anything to get people’s fur flying. So, perhaps she just should have worn a disguise or something while supporting her daughter’s appearance on the show.

You know, dressed up in a Obama outfit or something that wouldn’t quite attract as much attention……or…..um…..boos…………………………….


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