The Flying Fickle Finger Feather Award

Presented to candidate for N.Y. Governor Carl (WHO) Paladino for running on the "boy am I angry pissed off" platform.

Ah yes, my favorite Misfit Wisdom time…..presenting the Flying Fickle Finger Feather Award to this months most stupid person or group.

It was a tough month with many contenders, but, by a wide margin the vote goes to……………..

Ta Da!

(my version of a cheap drum roll…..hey….I’m on a limited budget here)

This months winner: No…it’s not Lindsay Lohan…although she did come in a very close second. It’s New York candidate for Governor Carl Paladino.

I know, you’ve probably never heard of the guy. Neither did I until I read an article by Susan Estrich, who asked the same question…who the hell is Carl Paladino?  Is he like a “Where’s Waldo” type guy?

Ok, here’s the poop on ol Carl who’s running against N.Y. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.  He’s pissed off at the establishment, sick and tired of nothing getting done, and he’s one angry guy.

Hey….that’s enough for me to vote for the guy.


Listen to this folks. Besides being very angry he’s voiced no thoughts on education, the environment, health care, entitlements, crime and urban problems. My kinda guy.

He’s just angry. And….he’s only six points behind Cuomo in the polls.

 WHY….because he’s angry.  Oh yeah…the Tea Potty people are supporting him too because they’re angry as well.  Lots of angry people drinking tea out there these days.

Susan writes that, “the fact that Paladino isn’t qualified, it seems, is not enough to convince people not to vote for him.”

Ya gotta love voters with absolutely no brains.

(two prospective N.Y. voters )

“Hey…I like this guy. He’s angry and pissed off.”

“Um yeah, but what are his plans to change things?”

“Um…plans…I dunno, but he’s angry and that’s enough for me.”

“Yeah, but is he qualified to be the Governor of New York?”

“Um, I dunno, but he’s angry and I like that.”

“Sooooo what is it that he’s said in any of his speeches that makes you want to vote for him….besides the fact that he’s angry?”

“Um….well….he’s said a lot of off the cuff remarks which are kinda cute.”

“And did he give any hint of an agenda to change things?”

“Well no, but he’s really angry and I like that.”

Quoting from Susan’s article, “are we really willing to turn the government over to those whose basic agenda is sending a message rather than fixing the problem?”

She goes on to give this comparison.

“If your pipes were bursting at home, would you want someone to take a 9 iron to them, or would you look for an experienced plumber who might actually have some ideas about how to fix them.”

My own guess would be the plumber…..but….not being from New York and not knowing exactly how New Yorker’s think….I could be wrong. Could very well be that New Yorker’s fix their plumbing problems with 9 irons. Or…..hire inexperienced people to do it for them.

If that’s the case……Paladino is a shoo in.

But, by far, the best quote from Susan’s article is, “You can fire a plumber, when you stop being angry.  But once you vote, the party’s over.”

So….the Flying Fickle Finger Feather Award is presented to N.Y. Candidate for Governor Carl (WHO) Paladino.

Who’s angry campaign slogan should be…………………..

“I haven’t a F*****G clue how to change anything if I’m elected Governor….but….what the hell…..take a chance on me voters….I’m an angry guy…and…..somehow I’ll figure it all out.”

Anybody know a good plumber that’s not angry?

Copyright 2010 MisfitWisdom RLV


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