Katy Perry And Elmo At Odds

"As a Sesame Street hand puppet, I'm actually not afraid of cleavage, but more worried about some guy sticking his hand up my behind just to make my mouth move."

I’m tellin’ ya there’s just no happiness in being a celebrity these days. If it’s not a celebrity spouse cheating on one another, it’s a celebrity getting arrested for one thing or another or having a biggest boob job.

Today’s flap is over the appearance of Katy Perry and Elmo on Sesame street.  Now you wouldn’t think this would cause all kinds of “quick pop me a tranquilizer” moments, but it did.

It seems that Katy’s outfit has raised concerns for gazillions of parents who do not want their 1 to 6-year-old age children to observe Katy’s outfit while doing a duet with Elmo.

The outfit apparently is deemed too “suggestive” for their innocent little eyes….especially if any of them had been breast fed and wondered if Katy were sporting the same thingys mommy has. 

Hey, it’s ok to breast feed your kid but not ok to have Katy Perry, who’s covered up hers, to appear on a TV children’s show. 

Am I missing something here folks?

The entire unedited offensive dastardly world will come to an end if my kid sees this video, can be seen in its entirety at Katyperry.com. 

For the most part you will be able to see most of the video of Katy singing with Elmo if you watch Sesame street.  The offensive outfit, and the song, has been edited out but most likely will appear in a full length feature movie entitled, “Elmo Does Katy” soon to be in a local movie in 3D.

Hmmmm……wonder what things will POP out in THAT movie.

(I’m only kidding about the movie….but……considering how things have a knack for popping up on YouTube, I’m almost sure Katy’s outfit and Elmo are already there)

Once again this goes to show you how we’re all becoming a bunch of panty waisted, squeamish, prudish don’t invite those stinkin’ Indians to our Thanksgiving feast whiners.

What this all boils down to is this……….a few screaming parents who fear their little tot minds will be corrupted by watching Sesame Street with Katy Perry prevent all the rest of us people with a brain from enjoying what is our GOD given choice.  And that is…the freakin freedom to make choices…..

Which these other brainless people are constantly taking away from us.

If you don’t want your children to see Katy Perry on Sesame Street wearing a low-cut dress…..TURN THE DAMN SET OFF and let whomever decides that its ok to watch……watch it!

Now…that said….do you see any of these same people making the news today because three major insurance companies…..I won’t mention their names…….Aetna, Anthem, and Cigna…oops…..sorry…..have found a way to not insure children with pre-existing conditions even though a law was just passed to prevent them from doing that.

Their brilliant solution to save them dollars….”Hey….we just won’t insure these damn brats with pre-existing conditions.”  Problem solved….heh heh.

No, we’d rather bitch about Katy Perry wearing a low-cut dress while these three insurance companies stick it up our asses.  Ya gotta love giant insurance companies like those three and stupid people who worry about the unimportant stuff.

To me, and this is my own MisfitWisdom personal view, I think I’d rather be on the phone to my congressman about these bozos than worrying about Katy Perry.

Dont’ you think THAT issue is more important?  

OH WAIT!  I forgot.  These people watch Sesame Street along with their children and not the nightly news.

We all know that if anything of importance is going to happen…..by God it’s going to be on Sesame Street.

Guess they were right after all.

Oops…….gotta go……time for my afternoon tranquilizer and “Dora The Explorer” on TV.

Copyright 2010 MisfitWisdom RLV

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