John Callahan…Macabre Cartoonist…7/24/10

John Callahan, who was a quadriplegic, as well as an alcoholic whose cartoons appeared in many newspapers and magazines passed away last Saturday at age 59.

Having a strange creative mind, such as that of John’s, I thought I would pay tribute to him in today’s blog by featuring some of my favorite cartoons by him.

He had a very different and unique way of looking at life. Perhaps this is one of the many reasons his cartoons were cutting edge and offended many people.  Especially those that did not understand the concept of humor, still don’t understand the concept of humor, and most likely never will.

He never apologized for his cartoons, thereby infuriating many who thought his subject matter was tasteless and politically incorrect.

In defense of Callahan, my own personal opinion is that if you can’t laugh at humor, regardless of its content in a “free speech and free expression America” (supposedly) then obviously you need to move to another planet.

Something…….anything, will at some point bring on the zealots. Callahan had his share of them.  I’ve had quite a few as well in my lifetime. But, you can never let these select individuals get the best of you.  For that mind-set, I salute John Callahan and his ability to ignore the critics throughout his career and achieve the success that he did.

If you called John on the phone, the message on his answering machine went as follows:

“This is John. I’m a little too depressed to take your call today.  Please leave your message at the sound of the gunshot.”

My kinda guy.

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1 Response to John Callahan…Macabre Cartoonist…7/24/10

  1. John spent time in upscale N.W. Portland around Lovejoy St. and 23rd Ave, where I met him once by chance on a Sunday afternoon 3 years ago. I was new to the city and a new author. We discussed our arts and traded successes. I told him about my book: SEND LITE TO EVERY FEAR: THE EVERYDAY HERO’S LITANY which in turn inspired him to relate the content of one of his cartoons, as follows: a lover of the potables was about to ‘pass on’ only to envision 2 bottles of beer in the sky. The caption of the cartoon reads something like: “Choose the Lite, choose the Lite.”

    I haven’t actually seen this cartoon…yet, now I silently wish the same to John: “Choose the Light.” All is well.

    Patriczia Petrus

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