Real Housewives Star Files For Bankruptcy……For Real!

"We have to go eat at Mc..WHAT!!!!

I never pay much attention to TV reality shows.  I have enough of my own reality goin’ on without worrying about what the heck worries real people (getting lots of money for being on TV) on reality shows supposedly being worried because their lives are being shown on reality TV for everyone to see (while they get big bucks for doing so)  HUH?

You figure it out.

So should we all be concerned that “Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars Teresa and Joe Giudice are filing for bankruptcy, (poor things) and selling the contents of their massive 16 room 10,000 square feet custom-built mansion up on the auction block…poor things.

I feel like I should forego my morning paper and send them a few bucks just to help out.  I would, but I just discovered that I don’t have enough for the morning paper. Hmmmm…….might have to put the house up on E-Bay.

Anyhow, the stuff they’re going to auction off on August 22nd include the following items:

A grand piano, two flat screen TV’s, a steel snow plow, a suit of armor, (must be a requirement for living in an affluent part of N.J…..thieves ya know) an oversized wall mirror, (probably in the bedroom mounted on the ceiling) a stainless steel oven range, one jet boat, an antique style pool table, (does not indicate if balls are included) a decorative urn (check this one out before bidding….if there is a dust like substance in the urn, call the police) lots of framed paintings and finally, a foosball table.  (poor things)

Do people actually still play foosball?

What the hell is foosball anyhow?

Forget it, if I’ve lived this long without knowing what foosball is I really don’t wanna know.

The Giudice’s are 11 million dollars in debt.  HOLY BATMAN!!!  11 million dollars!!!   What the hell are they spending their money on? (poor things)

Oh yeah, the massive mansion, all that weird stuff they’re auctioning off and cases of Windex to clean that huge ceiling mirror after it gets all steamed up.

Asked why they found themselves in the position of having to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy, Mrs. Giudice said, “I think this kind of situation is all over the world.”

Yep, she’s right.  Haven’t all of us run into people we know on a daily basis who live in a mansion and are 11 million dollars in debt. I’m sure most of us can name two or three of our closest friends who are in that predicament.  I, myself, have had to cut back on things so that I won’t have to file for chapter 11.

No more eating breakfast….it’s just one of those luxurys I can do without.  If the cats can eat catfood and survive, I might be able to fry it up with a few spices and survive too.  I can save money on gasoline for my power mower by not cutting my lawn but simply using a roller to flatten the grass out.  I can’t auction off a foosball table but I do have a sawhorse that might do.  And I’m not gonna feed those damn birds and squirrels in my backyard anymore….it’s costing me a fortune. Let them all eat worms and stuff.

So there, I’ve managed to cut back on a lot.  This now means I won’t have to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy, I can relax and lead a normal carefree life, and keep everything else I’ve got.

Including my 8 by 10 bedroom ceiling wall mirror and strobe light.


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