Christian Science Monitor Sez “No Dice” To Internet Gambling…….and here I was all set to bet the farm.

"Hey....this ain't my "Grand Theft Auto"'s mom and dad...and they're NAKED!!!!"

Congress will review a bill on Tuesday that would reverse a 2006 law that prohibits Internet gambling.  Hmmmm……so how much do we owe on this bill anyhow?

Oh….wait a sec….it’s a bill, as in piece of legislation introduced in Congress.  Whew….I thought we owed some kinda bill for gambling on the Internet before it was banned.

The Christian Science Monitor, (do these people actually study science at all or is it just the “science” of bitching about something) I don’t get it.

Anyhow, they claim that if the bill passes it will open the door for little ten-year old Johnny to scoff his parent’s credit card and bet the farm gambling on-line. 

My question is…….what the hell is little Johnny doing with his parent’s credit cards in the first place?  If he swiped it while they were sleeping, I can understand the CSM’s concern.  But, if you know your kid has a tendency for swiping things out of your billfold or pocketbook, hide the damn thing.  And…if you’re brain dead enough that you would even give your kid a credit card with carte blanche, you deserve to have a lobotomy performed on you…..strictly for science purposes to determine how stupidity is passed on generation to generation.  Might be a project for the “science” part of those people at the Christian Science Monitor.

Personally I feel there’s enough government regulation as it is. We all should be allowed to do whatever the hell we want to as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone and is within the law.  If we’re gonna protect little Johnny from everything in this world let’s start with violent video games, booze accessible in homes, and gag the hell outta them until they’re out of their teenage years so their peers won’t influence them.  NOT by prohibiting pleasures that adults should have a right to choose between.

If you allow your kid to access the above mentioned items, then YOU’RE to blame. Why punish the rest of us because you’re too busy to keep an eye on them.

Now the government office of House Financial Services predicts that Internet gambling will create 30,000 jobs.  30,000 JOBS!  Now of course we definitely don’t want that, do we.  The estimated revenue for Internet gaming has been set at $42 BILLION!  Oh gosh gee, we don’t want that either do we. 

“Marvin….I’m sick and tired of hearing about those bozos in Washington spending all our tax money and raising the deficit. We need to find a way to create jobs and raise money.”

“Yeah Betha, I agree….how about we let Congress pass a bill to have Internet gambling on line which would create jobs and raise over $42 billion dollars?”

“WHAT!  Are you *F*****G crazy Marvin.  It will warp our minds, make us go blind, pollute little Johnny’s mind and we’ll all go directly to hell and then we’ll lose our subscription to the Christian Science Monitor if we support it and they find out.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right snookums……I didn’t see it that way. Whaddya say we finish this porno movie and our Jack Daniels, pull Johnny away from his “Grand Theft Auto” DVD game and head to the casino.”

Heh Heh

This all boils down to the old saying…….”Do as I say….not as I do.”

Wonder if anyone at the Christian Science Monitor ever visits a casino?

NAH!………That would be like Bill Clinton saying “I never had sex with that women” or Nixon saying, “I am not a crook” or Bernie Madoff claiming, “Boy have I got a sure-fire money-making deal for you.”

We all know that EVERYONE, including the CSM can be trusted to ALWAYS tell us the right thing to do with no ulterior motives.


Copyright 2010 MisfitWisdom RLV

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