How Does Pleasure Work?

My My sure smell that exotic perfume your, have some candy my little lotus blossom.

I got snagged on this question because of a book review I came across in this weeks edition of “Time” magazine written by Katy Steinmetz, who obviously got snagged on the title as well. Either that, or she’s looking for more pleasure too. 

The book is entitled, “How Pleasure Works” by Paul Bloom. 

I read Katy’s review and scanned the Internet for more reviews, which was kinda pleasurable, so I guess just searching for the book reviews counts as “how pleasure works.”  Geez, I guess I don’t have to buy the book, I’ve already got my 2 cents worth of pleasure.

But I want MORE!!!  Pleasure that is.

So here’s what the author researched to determine what makes us all feel like we are enjoying things.  Sex, food, art, entertainment and other areas as well.  But those were the top pleasurable things mentioned. So I guess if you can cram sex, food, art and entertainment into one night…..Ba Da Bing!…’re pleasured!

Let’s see,……..go to a movie, then visit a museum for the art, then woof down some food, go home, and have sex…..preferabley with another person of the opposite sex……um……..well……..whatever your preferences are.  (trying to cover all bases here folks)

The author has determined that pleasure is about what we think about something whether or not we are correct and that it has a huge impact on how much pleasure we derive from it.

“People like bottled water.” he says. “Not just because it seems pure but also because it speaks of status.”

(making a note:  stock up on bottled water and walk around affluent neighborhoods)

He goes on to say, “Men like virgins because males are genetically wired to worry about which children are truly theirs.”

Um……no, that’s not why men like virgins.  Men like virgins because of that little thing that women have and…….hold on a sec…….

(my censors tell me that I can’t mention that thing, or continue on with why men like virgins lest I risk the chance of offending the “George Carlin Politically Correct Police Squad” and having my mouth and typing fingers washed out with soap)


Finally, we get much pleasure from reading or watching fiction because it’s an escape and also allows us to practice for real life.

So like when you watch “Fringe” you’ll know how to deal with actual aliens or wierd people with strange-looking bugs coming out of their eyeballs. Or, if you’re confronted by a mugger holding a gun you can use that famous line, “Feel lucky today punk….well do ya,” just before he shoots you.  Or, by reading a good steamy romantic novel where the words, “heaving” throbbing” and “manhood” are used so that you can steam up your own love life at home. 

 Hey, he may be right…’s all about how to get pleasure. Think I might read that book.

I suppose we could all examine what makes us feel pleasure and just take it from there.  But right off the bat I already knew my pleasure points.

Food, sex, entertainment, slot machines, writing, breathing.  Not necessarily in that order.

Breathing was first on my list, considering my advanced age and the fact that if I wasn’t breathing first, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy all of the others.

Sad, isn’t it……(sigh)

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