Today’s Recipe…..Cat Stew Italian Style

CHEF BIGAZZI'S SWEAT SHIRT SLOGAN (created by MisiftWisdom artists)

Remember this guys name. “Beppe Bigazzi.”  If you’re planning a trip to Italy soon and taking your Tabby cat with you,  Do NOT…..I repeat….Do NOT let little kitty watch Italian television.  At least not the popular television show on RAI TV.  Your cat will suffer from anxiety attacks and possibly post traumatic stress disorder.  It will take years and years of cat therapy before your cat recovers. Leave Garfield, Sylvester, Felix, Heathcliff at home in their comfy cat surroundings.

(This warning is being brought to you by MisfitWisdom as a public service and upon the urging of my own five cats who inadvertently happened to be watching this particular Italian television food show on the internet as I myself was watching it.  All five are currently undergoing extensive counseling at the local veterinarian’s office)

Beppe Bigazzi is Italy’s 77 year-old host of a popular morning program that offers food tips and recipes.  I guess he’s kinda like Juila Child without a skirt and high pitched voice. 

What set off this huge controversy is Bigazzi’s comments that he has eaten “cat stew” many times.   Hmmm, wonder if he spits up any hair balls after eating?  Not a good sight.

Anyhow, he’s quoted as saying, in defense of eating cats, “Why, people maybe don’t eat rabbit, chicken or pigeon?”  Well um, not at my local McDonalds or Burger King they don’t.  At least not to my knowledge.

(making a notation to check McDonald’s and Burger King’s ingredient list next time I go there only because I’ve never seen a cat hanging around those places, just seagulls)

Bigazzi says that cat stew was a Tuscan specialty near the Arno river valley.  His co-host Elisa Isoadori looked so embarrassed  she ducked behind a cart of fresh salad greens.  She most likely was barfing although that cannot be confirmed.

Bigazzi, undaunted that his co-host might be losing it behind the salad greens, went on to say, “Cat, soaked for three days in running water from a stream comes out with it’s meat white, and I assure you I have eaten it, (purrrr) many times and that it is a delicacy.”

I think about now I’m quite positive that he had a hairball problem after eating,  “Hack, Hack…..Pithew!!!”  Ah, good one Beppe.

Now in defense of, no, not Beppe, but of the Italian Government, they do have laws on the books protecting cats from cruelty, maltreatment and abandonment. This of course is great news for cats but not so good news for rabbits, chickens, and pigeons. 

Has anyone recently visited Italy and noticed if there is a lack of pigeons  in their city plazas? 

Chickens I can understand.  Even rabbits, although I’ve personally never eaten one.  It’s an Easter Egg phobia related thing with me. Eat a rabbit, no chocolate Easter Eggs.  Makes sense to me.

So Bigazzi, predictably, has been suspended from his morning program.  I assume this was done while Italian authorities conducted a feline census to determine if the cat population has suddenly nose dived.  Either that, or they want to check with Italy’s McDonalds and Burger King restaurants.

Bigazzi was concerned about his reputation after his comments and suspension.  “Now there will be letters from nature lovers.  Why don’t they defend the rabbits?”  he asked.

Yeah, my thoughts exactly.  Why don’t they defend the rabbits?  How about those pigeons and chickens while we’re at it?  And while we’re defending those creatures, why not earthworms?  Oh yeah, sure, earthworms are ok you’re saying to yourself.  You don’t think they feel pain?  Try sticking a fishing hook in your lip someday and see how it feels. 

What about cows?  Have you ever looked into those big brown cow eyes and said to yourself, “Awww, how cute.”  Then take the wife and kids out to a big juicy steak.  Damn cannibals.  What the hell’s wrong with you people anyhow? 

And PIGS!  Yeah, pigs.  Sure, all of you watch Porky Pig cartoons and love him but does it for one second stop you from ordering a BLT or a ham sandwich?  Nope.

I can’t say I feel sorry for Bigazzi getting suspended for his remarks about cats.  It was completely insensitive and an affront to anyone who owns and loves cats. He justifiably deserved to be suspended for his remarks and making his co-host barf all over the salad greens.  Vegetables are not cheap in Italy these days.

I myself love all animals, and as I said, have five cats of my own and would never think of eating them…….um……unless the government suspended my Social Security check, I had no food left in the house, and it was a matter of starving or eating them before they ate me because I couldn’t afford to buy them a can of Fancy Feast.  (only kidding folks)

That’s todays big news out of Italy.  You may now allow your Tabby to watch television, unless your reading this blog in Italy and get RAI TV.

“Honey, I finished my blog for today.  Would you fix me up a nice big juicy hamburger with bacon and put some horseradish on the side with a chicken breast and some rabbit stew……………….hold the cat.” 

Does horseradish come from horses?  Oops, I may be in trouble with horse lovers here.

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